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Residential Services


We strive to create a family-like atmosphere in our residences, be they single family homes, duplexes, or apartments. Each of our 20 residences are a unique home —a family unit made up of individuals who share similar ages, abilities, and interests  (we always seek a good fit for each resident).

Staff in our group homes work to provide customized supports to respond to an individual's specific needs and life goals.  Our guiding principle is to build the skills necessary for independent living to the extent that a person's abilities allow.  In fact, many of our residents are able to cook, clean, garden, and manage money with minimal assistance from staff.


For those who live independently or at home with family, we offer personal finance management, community inclusion, medication monitoring, and other services as needed.

Edwards Home Playing Cards Around Kitchen Table
Edwards Resident Kicking Back Watching TV
Edwards Pocket Community Housing Rendering

  Edwards Place  

Edwards Family Moving in to Pocket Community

It’s a Home. A Community. A Place Where Hope Lives and Grows.

Edwards Place addresses the growing need for family housing, while providing new ways to meet our participants’ changing needs. Four homes have been built and Two have been occupied since December 2014 and two more since July 2017.


When completed, Edwards Place will include five homes and five accessory dwellings, which will house multiple families. Some will be families of children with disabilities. Some will be families whose adult children choose to live alone, but nearby. And some will be shared housing or other combinations based on family preference.


It’s a new concept – a truly integrated, community setting. Which, perhaps best of all, will also serve as a bridge between those we serve and the surrounding community.

It’s a Home. A Community. A Place Where Hope Lives and Grows.

Edwards Place is  a pocket neighborhood and community center designed to provide families the opportunity to live and age in place together.

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